I am Salman Aslam, an entrepreneur and seasoned digital marketing professional.

Early Life

My passion for all things digital began in the late 1990s when I first used Compaq Deskpro and got to play Aladdin and Prince of Persia through MS-DOS.

Later, when I was first able to ‘get online’ and discovered the endless opportunities it presented, my connection with both computer/technology and the internet only grew stronger.

Professional Life

For me, digital marketing was the first thing I ventured into while I was still at the University, and I have grown to love it even more as I progressed.

Back then, I began creating websites when WordPress was just becoming the ‘new thing’. I developed various websites around Movies and technology — my two main areas of interest.

The next logical step would be finding ways to get more traffic to these websites, that is when I came across SEO and developed an understanding of what was required in order to be visible on Google and gain traffic.

The Roadblock

Later, I would start an SEO service company with Hafiz  The SEO Compass. Before long, I got diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, a rare disease that causes progressive weakness and muscle mass loss.

The Pivot

As I navigated my own challenges with a rare disease, I found that finding a good healthcare provider was not easy. We wanted to help others avoid the same struggles, and Omnicore was born out of that desire. 

The goal of Omnicore is to help medical and healthcare practices reach their ideal clients through digital marketing, becoming a part of the positive change they bring to people’s lives.

New Beginning

Through my professional experience, I developed expertise in Digital PR. To establish our own brand, we put significant effort into PR and, through trial and error, formed connections with major media outlets.

Now, as a consultant, I help brands and entrepreneurs in increasing their online presence and establish themselves as leaders in their industries.

My team and I work with these brands and individuals to create a strong online profile from the ground up, helping them to achieve success and reach their objectives.

Let’s Meet

I love meeting new people and building connections.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about my services, please reach out.

Let’s talk and perhaps even share a virtual cup of coffee.