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Salman Aslam

About Me

Hi, I’m Salman Aslam, and I have been online since 2008.

Like you, I’d poured my heart into mastering my craft and helping others grow into the best versions of themselves.

Back then, having started my digital marketing agency, I did all I could to get more clients my way — creating videos, blog posts, sales letters, and so much more. I was in line with the common fantasy “if you build it, they will come”.

Still, this never got me to where I wanted. But it all changed when I learned how to get published in top online magazines. It was then that I developed my brand and established my name as an authority in the healthcare digital marketing space with my company Omnicore.

Now, people reach out to me wanting to work with me, and I spend far less time with tire kickers, and tiring pitch calls. Prospective clients know I am the real deal, not because I say so — but because highly-respected magazines do.

You don’t have to spend years building your brand too. I can show you the hack to get the media exposure your brand requires within a short period.

My team and I can get you featured in some of the top publications on the planet and instantly boost your image.

"Publicity is critical. A Good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page Ad"

Unlock New Opportunities

Use our unique PR methodology to unlock more success.

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You might be looking to…

Establish your Personal brand or Business as an Authority in your Niche.

Get featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and other Top Publications.

Control the Search Results on Google for Yourself or Your  Business name.

Get Visibility, Be Recognized, and want Clients come to you directly.

Get verified on social media and  build Credibility, allowing you to grow your business.

As a verified brand and influencer,
you could …

Become an Industry Leader

Open doors to more exclusive opportunities by setting yourself at the top of your industry.

Get More Eyeballs

Get your name before millions of people and gain their trust as an authority figure in your field without paying for any mainstream publicity.

Close More Deals $$

As a verified brand, you get the exclusive opportunity to work with high-value clients that hold your work and expertise in high esteem.

Don’t have a solid online presence? Fret not.

Here’s how I can help you build your brand:

Media Placements

We have a robust network of journalists and editors from 200+ major media outlets and publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more.

We leverage our connections to get you featured in some of the world’s biggest publications to enable you to build your brand through media placements. We strategically position our clients as leaders in their industries through our unique PR methodology which boosts their brand and online profile.

Getting featured in some of the biggest publications opens doors to more and bigger opportunities, builds your brand as a thought leader, and is a step towards getting verified on social media.

Contributor Spots

Becoming a contributor to some of the world’s largest publications can significantly boost your personal brand. We have successfully mastered the hack that can be used to secure contributor spots in leading publications like Forbes.

These publications only give contributor spots to industry experts and leaders. This opportunity elevates your brand and increases your trust and reliability ratings among peers and potential customers.

We handle the entire cycle for you, including building up your writing portfolio, so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting as you establish a solid online profile.

Social Media Verification

Getting the coveted blue check mark on your social media pages is a dream for many people. This is not just a simple tick — it is a sign of credibility, authority, and influence. Only the most renowned brands and influencers get verified on social media.

Influencers that get their social media profiles verified can easily take their businesses to a whole other level. Besides increasing the quantity of your clients, social media verification drives quality clients your way.

Getting verified on social media requires social proof, and that’s what we’re good at. We help you to build a strong online presence, including getting media features to boost your social status and get your social media profiles verified.

Immy-Tariq-IMDb Profile

IMDb Page Creation

IMDb is one of the oldest websites on the internet, and just like Wikipedia, it ranks high on Google. This platform is exclusively reserved for celebrities and industry leaders. Getting an IMDb page not only gives you online visibility but also boosts your brand credibility.

Regardless of your expertise and industry, we can help you create an IMDb page that speaks volumes to your audience and takes your brand credibility to the next level.

Control Google Search Results

What do you see when you search your name on Google? Is your brand practically non-existent? How strong is your online profile?

With a solid online profile, it will be easier for you to close more deals and expand your business. People will see you as an authority figure and credible enough to trust.

Our team will help you build and execute your personal branding strategy, taking you from being a nobody online to being a person of influence in your industry. This also includes getting the Google Knowledge Panel, establishing  yourself as an authority figure in your niche.

People Buy From Those They Trust

This is why you need to elevate authority and credibility by establishing and growing your digital footprint.

Don’t Sell To Your Customers.
Make them want to Buy from you.

I can help you if you …
  • Know you’re excellent at your craft and desire to get your brand in front of many people.
  • Want to be a sought-after industry expert.
  • Want to work with high-value clients.
  • Have a vision board full of goals like TED Talks.
  • Are ready to step out of your comfort zone and connect with many people beyond your old network.
  • Want to scale your business quickly without spending unnecessary time and money.
  • Have a purpose to motivate, inspire, and ignite others, but you are unsure of how to reach them.

Our Clients Are Mentioned In These Publications (and many more)...

Building and growing your brand with me is easy:

We Both Want Results

So I won’t waste your time with vanity tactics. I have helped my clients with:
Skip the line. And give yourself the advantage you deserve.

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Frequently asked questions

We typically work with entrepreneurs and executives.

However, our services are for anyone who is looking to add credibility to their brand, this can be their business or a personal brand.

Our clients leverage the publications to not only get more business but also to get verified on various social media profiles.

We work with more than 200 publications, from top-tiers like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, to many mid-tier ones as well.

Absolutely ! The bigger publications are in very high demand and take a lot of work but we can definitely get you featured.

Each package is tailored to best fit the client’s needs. However, we normally work with budgets of at least $3000.

Yes! We have a very high success rate due to our relationships with many media outlets. Either we get you featured or you get a refund. Simple!