Hello, I’m Salman. I help Entrepreneurs & Brands Grow using PR & Digital Marketing.

Become a sought-after industry expert, grow your audience, and get to work with your dream clients through innovative PR and Digital Marketing Strategies.


About Salman

Like you, I’d poured my heart into mastering my craft. Now, I’ve made it my mission to help others get the spotlight and become leader in their industry.

Salman Aslam

Back when I started my digital marketing agency, I did all I could to get more clients my way — creating videos, blog posts, sales letters, and so much more. I was in line with the common fantasy “if you build it, they will come”.

Still, this never got me to where I wanted. But it all changed when I learned how to get published in top online magazines. It was then that I developed my brand and established my name as an authority in the healthcare digital marketing space with my company Omnicore.

Now, people reach out to me wanting to work with me, and I spend far less time with tire kickers, and tiring pitch calls. Prospective clients know I am the real deal, not because I say so — but because highly-respected magazines do.

You don’t have to spend years building your brand too. I can show you the hack to get the media exposure your brand requires within a short period.

My team and I can get you featured in some of the top publications on the planet and instantly boost your image.

What I can do for you

I work with businesses and individuals looking for effective PR and digital marketing soluttions. Discover how my team and I can help you achieve your growth goals.

Public Relations

No matter how good you are in your field, people will not buy from you or work with you, as according to them, you are a ‘nobody.’ Discover how the power of getting featured in Prestigious Publications can elevate your business and personal brand to become an industry leader. 

Digital Marketing

We provide digital marketing services for healthcare practices and professionals through Omnicore, a leading healthcare digital marketing agency. Find out how you can grow your medical practice through conversion-focused website design, SEO, and Paid Social.